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 St. Mark Church of Christianity!

125 Moore Rd  Jackson TN  38301
Our Mission Statement

" Seeking God through His Word"

"Strengthening the Believer through prayer and fellowship"

"Sharing the Gospel with the unsaved"

"Serving our Community through Outreach Ministry".​
About Us:

  • We are a nondenominational Church.
  • We believe the whole Bible is God's true Word
  • We believe in the Trinity, the unity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as three persons as one Godhead. 
  • We believe that God is the Creator of all things and the sustainer of all life.
  • We believe God loves us so that He gave His only begotten Son who died for our sins and rose on the third day and is now seated on the right hand of the Father interceding for us until the time appointed for His return. On that day Jesus will judge all people and all nations.
  • We believe as Christians we should "Seek" God with all our mind, heart, soul and strength and love our neighbor as we do ourselves.
  • We believe as Christians we should "Strength" one another through teaching, fellowship and worship.
  • We believe as Christians we should "Share" the Gospel with the unsaved.
  • We believe as Christians we should "Serve" each other and our community.